Renovations Are in the Planning Phase

We have a dream that our building and learning spaces will support and reflect the excellence of our program.  The dream has been articulated by parents, teachers, students, and trustees in forums, surveys and discussion, and the Board’s Facilities and Development Committees are writing a master facilities plan and putting price tags and timelines on improvements.

This winter, parent Janice Medina, a professor of design at Sage College of Albany asked students in one of her classes to take on a special challenge. They were charged with envisioning renovations of Parker’s library, gym and performing area.  They also generated ideas for classrooms and a science center adjacent to the pond.

The Sage students’ presentations have already inspired the library renovation committee. $6,000 was raised for library chairs and tables at last spring’s benefit and a committee was 
formed to make recommendations for what was needed.  They started their discussions by asking what a 21st Century library could look like.  Now they are envisioning moving shelves and the check-out desk and perhaps opening a wall!  They are testing a few chair samples with students and hope to make some final recommendations this Spring.

Here is the presentation about the history of improvements to our property and some future visions that was shown to parents at the recent Coffee with the Trustees: March 2014Parker’s Facilities and Grounds

Stay tuned for further developments!