We are very proud of our school and thrilled to be sharing it with you as you search for the best fit for your child.

From our personalized academic program to our warm community of caring adults and students to our expansive campus, we have a lot to show you.  We will walk you through everything from the sky high picture of our educational philosophy to the canopy of our unique curriculum and on down to the pine needle sized logistics of daily life here at Parker.  I look forward to getting to know you and guiding your family through the process, which is detailed below.

Matt Thornton
Director of Admission
518 286-3449 x102

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The Admission Process

The admission process is designed to enable prospective parents and children to get to know the school, and the school to get to know new families. We work with parents in the admissions process to discover whether Parker School will be the best match for both the child and school.

  • The admission process begins with a parent visit and tour. Parents can schedule a personal tour by calling the Admission Office or submitting an inquiry and tour request form. There are also several admission events throughout the year, like our January Open House.
  • Interested families then submit an application and application fee. (You can find the online application linked at the bottom of this page)
  • The next step is a child visit to the school. Pre-K children spend about 30 minutes in a classroom with parents close by. Children in Kindergarten and First Grade will visit for a half day.  Children in grades 2 through 8 will typically visit for a full school day.
  • Next, you will submit a Release of School Records Form to your child’s current school to allow them to directly send us copies of progress reports and school records. 
  • You will also send an online Recommendation form to your child’s current teacher and he/she will complete it confidentially online. Middle school applicants should submit recommendations from a Math and English Language Arts teacher.
  • Once all admission elements are completed (parent visit, application, child visit, records, recommendation), the Admission Committee will consider the application and notify parents of its recommendation with a phone call and letter.

Online Application

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