Proven, experience-based learning helps kids excel. Programs at Parker flex around each student's developmental tendencies, interests and pace. The learning process is largely based on thematic experiences, with an overarching structure, and curricula as a starting point.

Forest Toddler Program

Forest Toddler Program

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Lower/Elementary School

Middle School Students

Middle School

"The entire staff seems to truly care about each child's development"

- Parker Parent

Outdoor classroom at The Parker School

Planet Parker Summer Program

From preschool through eighth grade, the classroom is extended to include exploration of our 77-acre campus, which features meadows, woods, trails, streams and a pond. Our summer programs offer the opportunity for year-round learning and continuity.

Children thrive as part of a respectful community that stresses mentoring instead of division by age. And teachers assess their progress by following each student closely, not by testing for rote learning-a departure from Common Core strategies.

The result? Our students are eager, active, fearless learners, driven by their own desire to accomplish and understand. Our teaching methods-validated by the latest educational research-produce graduates who excel in high school and beyond.

Students in Parker School Programs