Welcoming the New Year

Classes have resumed at Parker, and our students returned joyful, jubilant, and eager to dive in to the hearty winter work ahead. These upcoming winter months are some of the most industrious and productive here at Parker. Routines are established, our students are comfortable and confident, and the knowledge and skills they’ve acquired over the fall begin to coalesce into substantial project work that keeps our students intellectually stimulated and intrinsically motivated through these cold months as we happily hunker down together.
Before we move forward into all the excitement ahead, we would once again like to reflect on the peace and gratitude with which we entered this new year. Our Winter Solstice Celebration on December 21st, which heralded our break, was the perfect embodiment of the care, commitment, and celebration that we share, both within our community and together towards our natural world. The reverence of being together in nature, honoring the work that brought us here, and sharing our light as we look forward together is a treasured memory that speaks to our character as a school community.
We are so grateful for each and every one of you, and we look forward to the many more memories ahead in 2024.Please click on the image below to enjoy a private photo album of our Solstice Celebration!