Thesis Topics Revealed!

Students have decided on this year’s thesis topics. As always, it is fascinating to
see the wide range of eighth graders’ interests. They will now embark on research, refining a thesis statement, writing, revising, and preparing a presentation.  IMG_0886Presentations that include a visual slide show and an oral abstract of the topic will be given on Project Night in May.

  • Education in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Endangered Animals: The Common Causes and Attempts to Recover Damaged Populations
  • Virtual Currencies: Benefits and Dangers to Banking
  • Unifying Dynasties of Early China
  • Gender Equality and the Struggle for Empowerment through Education: The tragedy of female education in male-dominated regions such as Afghanistan and Pakistan
  • Invasive Species Most Damaging to the Continental US
  • Sugar Consumption and Addiction in the Modern Food Supply
  • Negative Effects of Plastic Production and Use
  • Legalized Marijuana and its Effects both Medically and Recreationally
  • The Current Oil Crisis
  • Outsourcing Jobs and Cost of Labor
  • Tanning Salons
  • The Lottery
  • Homework and its Influence on Students