The birds of Parker

Curt Morgan, alumni-parent, is a bird expert and took our K-1 class out birding. Here are his comments:

I really enjoyed the birding adventure with the K/1 kids at Parker today. Attached are a few photos of Parker Schools birds (and kids); these were all taken on your property.


My goal was not to get good photos (I have much better photos of each of these species), but to teach the kids and try to document a few that we saw; and to get representative photos of Parker’s birds.

There are more Starlings on your property than any other species mainly due to the presence of the adjoining farm house where they are feeding domestic chickens and geese.


This is a male Scarlet Tanager seen together with his mate this morning.


These warblers sure do grace your property.

img4  img5

Beside the possible Black-billed Cuckoo and Veery, these was the most unusual bird for us to see today.

When I saw this guy on your property, the Blue Jays were not too happy.



Glad to see Mr. Mallard on your beautiful pond!