Showing What We Know

Traditionally, this time of year at Parker is bustling with classrooms full of parents and friends, who take their turns as active, engaged learners while our students demonstrate their learning through our classroom Shows of Work. This year, these shows of work are still happening in small groups with individual classes. However, after such an exceptional year of learning and thriving, we felt the need to put together a showcase for our wider community as well.The following videos were premiered last week at our annual benefit entitled “Parker Explorers: Celebrating 30 years of curiosity-driven learning”. These videos capture just a small portion of the joy, enthusiasm, ingenuity, and good old fashioned HARD WORK that has defined the work of our students and teachers for the past year.We are so very proud of our students and the creative and dedicated work of our teachers. Please enjoy viewing this small snapshot into each classroom this year.
PreK 3 Takes Us on a Story Walk – Click Here to View
PreK 4 Performs “The Wolves”- Click Here
Kindergarten Maple Syrup – Our Kindergarteners teach maple sugaring – Click here
1-2 Acrostic Ode to Parker – Our 1-2 class’s collaborative poem – Click Here
3-4 Story Builders – Our 3-4 students share their graphic novels – Click Here
5th Grade Designs Their Own Kites – Our 5th grade scientists design and fly their own kites – Click Here.
6th Grade Poesía Española – Our 6th grade Spanish students share poems of the seasons. – Click Here
7th Grade Builds A Better Workshop – Our 7th graders mathematicians reimagine our former shed. – Click Here
8th Grade Puts on a Show – Our 8th graders share the process of working producing their own musical. – Click Here