Read Across America Day

“Who are you going to dress as this year?”  I asked my second and third grade friends today and, “Who should I dress as?!”  The consensus was that I should be someone from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, the book I have been reading to them at lunch time on Thursdays.  “But you’re not the type for the White Queen,” they told me.

I think we will see Junie B. Jones, Dorothy and Fern from Charlotte’s Web from some of the girls.  The boys weren’t telling.

On Read Across America Day at Parker everyone dresses as a favorite literature character.  We have visits from authors, illustrators and storytellers.  Michael Collins, Patrice Kindl, Matt McElligott, Sylvie Kantorovitz, and Kent Busman are on the schedule this year.  There will also be a puppet show from The Ivy Vine Players for the little ones.  There is a character parade and a song led by the Cat in the Hat him (or her) self.  And a used book sale to raise funds for…more books!

~Meg Taylor, Head

Pecos Bill with some friends…from 2011:

Week of March 2, 2011 047