Rainbows and Spanish Speaking Dinosaurs!

Pre K 4 had a special visit from Leiana Hawkins, Parker’s K-5 science teacher, who visited the preK 4 to help the students learn about rainbows. This morning, students greeted visitors with the question, “Do you know how to make a rainbow?” When the answer was “no,” the student escorted visitors to a window with prisms. What made this more than just a trick with a toy, though, was that the students could also explain that a rainbow is made when the light is bent–and some students even remembered the word “refracted.” The trick of using the prism is linked to a natural phenomenon in the students’ learning.In another part of the room, a group of students gathered around Spanish teacher Emily Hollister. As they showed her the dinosaurs and played with the blocks, she chatted with them in Spanish in order to help them develop an impression of another language, along with some vocabulary.