Planet Parker News – September 2010

Robert C. Parker School just received the last installment of a NY State grant for science exploration that was awarded in 2008!  We can now finalize plans for this $90,000 grant.  To date we have improved the science lab, cleared a 5 K trail system, and prepared the site for an outdoor pavilion classroom.  Next is construction of the pavilion and new computers for the science lab!

A dedicated Planet Parker committee has kept things moving in a wonderful domino effect.  Trail building has led to improved access for science exploration and hiking.  We are hosting a cross country meet on October 20, and Physical Education teacher, Darcy De Maria, has applied for a grant to design and build a low ropes course.  We are beginning a partnership with Averill Park High School for our Stream to River study and a “Growing Friends” partnership with ARC for horticulture and connecting our students with adults with disabilities.

Interacting with and in nature has a powerful and life-long impact on children’s learning.  Our mission of emotional security, intellectual vibrancy, social responsibility and ethical awareness is put into play with dynamism in the meadows, woods and creeks of our school.