Parker’s Fall 2020 Reopening Plans- Update

While many area districts are releasing preliminary plans for hybrid learning this school year, at Parker we have been proceeding with preparations to be fully open on campus for all students PreK-8th grade every day. As a small school with ample space both indoors and outdoors we continue to anticipate that we will be able to have all students on campus when New York opens schools in September.

The NYS guidelines have given us confidence in terms of our preparations. The presence of students on campus for the Planet Parker summer program has also given us optimism for the future. The children on campus are having fun, and they are also very accepting and tolerant of wearing masks, washing hands, and maintaining physical distance for many aspects of their day. Parents have also praised our planning and the ease of new procedures like drop off and daily screening.

In addition to an abundance of physical space, we have a conscientious and creative faculty. Our classes are small by intention– even without a pandemic. We have also had some generous friends of the school help us to purchase some individual desks for the lower school, and a shed to store excess furniture during this school year. (And we look forward to converting the shed to an explorers and tinkerers base in years to come!) There is a lot to look forward to.

If you are still considering your options for this coming school year, and would like to discuss Parker’s plans and available openings, please contact Matt Thornton in the admissions office, or visit our website to learn about our admissions process, request a brochure, or schedule a meeting or tour


Laura Graceffa

Head of School
Robert C. Parker School