Parker Update

Dear Parker Community,

Parker has filed its plans for reopening school with the NYS Department of Health. As I wrote earlier in the month, our plan is for in person instruction if the governor permits schools to open in our area. We have been told that his decision will be announced next week.

Many people provided comments and suggestions on the reopening plan, including administrators, teachers, board members and, the largest group, parents. I am very grateful to all of you for taking the time to read and comment. The feedback informed not only the plan, but also the additions we are making to our Community Book and policy manual.

The full plan may be requested with the link below, and is also being uploaded to the BigSIS portal next week.

We will hold two Zoom meetings for parents to ask questions. Invitations will be emailed. One is geared to PreK and LS and one to MS families, but feel free to come to the one that fits your schedule best.

I am happy about the prospect of having children and teachers on campus. I also agree with the policy of using the positive test percentages to make the best possible decision about when we can be in-person again. Above all, I find myself profoundly grateful that Parker is a small school with a big campus, and that it attracts thoughtful and conscientious people to its community. More than anything, it will be this thoughtfulness, coupled with an understanding of science, and our small size, that will keep all of us healthy.

As always, please reach out with questions and comments. They are very, very helpful in planning and I like hearing from you!