November 30: Mindful Parenting

Mindful Parentingbei_lg

Presented by Linda Lantieri

Strategies to Manage Stress and Promote Inner Strength

Monday, November 30 at PARKER

7 to 8:30 PM

 What would parenting look like if parents experienced less stress and anxiety, had more control over their emotions, and had the space and capacity for reflection before taking action?

Parents can help their children reduce stress and raise their level of emotional intelligence.  This talk will help parents learn practical skills in:

  • Listening Mindfully
  • Resolving Conflict Effectively
  • Enriching your Parenting Experience
  • Handling Stress and Difficult Emotions
  • Balancing Life’s Demands and Challenges

Linda Lantieri is Director of the New York City based Inner Resilience Program is a Fulbright Scholar, keynote speaker, internationally known expert in social and emotional learning and author of Building Emotional Intelligence, Techniques to Cultivate Inner Strength in Children.