Annual Giving Report

Dear Parker Community,
We all just lived through a year of schooling that was previously unimaginable. Here at Parker, we brought kids back to school full-time, in person, during a pandemic. We rearranged schedules and seating and outdoor classrooms to accommodate everyone’s safety. We also rearranged curriculums and priorities and goals to ensure EVERY child had what they needed to learn and thrive socially and emotionally during the most challenging year of their young lives. What we did not rearrange is our values — and neither did you.
Together, as a community, Parker came together in a remarkable display of strength and support for our children. Your support came in the form of careful attention to daily health and safety protocols. It came as choosing to prioritize safe attendance in school over social gatherings and events. Your support shone through in the thoughtful ways you chose to communicate with and honor our teachers, and in your unwavering commitment to our program.
Finally, and perhaps most exceptionally, your support came in financially, as our community donated generously to sustain us during these tumultuous times. You opened your hearts in abundance to support our annual fund, the amazing student-led gala, and a number of other special projects and events. We are deeply grateful for every gift and gesture of support received. This outpouring of love made a huge difference in buoying our spirits and sustaining our program.
This Annual Report offers a glimpse in photos and words of the school year we could not imagine without having lived it. I hope you enjoy this rare opportunity to revisit this past year through the lens of joy and positivity that we were honored to experience daily at school.
To our engaged families, our committed and creative teachers, our proud alumni, our dedicated board of trustees, our past parents, grandparents and friends — THANK YOU! Simply put, we could not have done this without you.
Finally, as you enjoy this memorial of our past year, I ask you to please also reflect on your plan to give during this current school year. Never has there been a time when the world of education requires so much care and commitment. Please continue to generously support and sustain our Parker community during these continuously challenging times.
Jennifer Gresens
Interim Head of School