New teachers

We have four wonderful new teachers this year.  Their unique talents and interests add so much to the Parker community.

Music teacher Sara Sherwood loves to sing.  She loves to dance and play guitar and IMG_2237recorder, too!  She is sharing her skills and enthusiasm with all grades, connecting song, beat, movement, and motion to joyful music.  Sara has formed a chorus that will practice on Thursdays during recess and she will offer beginning piano, guitar and recorder lessons.  From spiders and pumpkins to Chinese dance and music, Sara is excited to make musical connections with the Parker curriculum.

Matt Pavloff, the new librarian in our John C. Parker Library, is excited about IMG_2221connecting with students.  He says, “I like the kids to take a lead in telling stories.”  Matt is going to teach us all the “Booky Looky” song so we learn to replace the books we pull to view.  He is working with all the Parker teachers to bring buddy time to the Library.  Matt will continue as the youth librarian in the Kinderhook library during evenings and weekends.

Hearing Spanish spoken in preschool has become the norm at Parker.  Rosalba IMG_2016Santander brings her beautiful Mexican accent to conversation, singing and play as the Spanish speaking assistant in Pre K 3 and 4.  This integrated approach to learning Spanish takes advantage of the capacity of the young child’s brain to absorb the sounds and rhythms of a new language.  Rosalba’s gentle and caring demeanor also welcomes preschoolers to Before Care each day.

Antonietta Fasano is teaching second grade math and is the reading specialist in K-1IMG_1971 and 2-3.  The joy Antonietta brings to teaching is infectious.  Her students are intent and focused as well as excited by what they are learning each day!  Antonietta is loving the small classes at Parker and the ability to make connections from math to science and literacy.