Love Notes From Our Special Friends

One of the absolute greatest things about being a student at Parker is the love and support that flows into our school from our broader community. The importance of our wider community in nurturing the lives of our students cannot be understated. Knowing that parents, grandparents, and special friends value their school helps children feel emotionally and physically safe while learning. This promotes a stronger sense of self and connection, allowing students to develop social abilities and have a sense of sharing and caring for each other. 

This past week, we have been treated to an outpouring of love via postcards mailed from our grandparents and special friends. It is no wonder that our Parker students are so creative, insightful, and caring — Clearly these values and traits that they bring with them to school are being consistently modeled at home by their families, grandparents, and special friends. This week, in the spirit of spreading gratitude, we would like to share just a few of the many artistic, eloquent, and engaging communications we received from our special friends. Their notes have lifted our spirits. We hope they will lift yours too.

We would like to extend our immense gratitude for all of our families, grandparents, and special friends, and we wish you all a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving.

*We plan to keep our Special Friends board up through the winter break, so there is still plenty of time to send cards! Parents, rest assured that when we take the display down, your children’s special notes will be sent home with them.
*Robert C. Parker School follows NYS guidelines and protocols for school safety during Covid.