Learning in nature

in the woods

Follow me as I walk with the K-1 science class out looking for frogs.  Into the woods and along the sun dappled trail through Fort Ham to the West creek.  Look!  Something hopped!  We found frogs!  We also stood still to see and hear two woodpeckers and several chickadees.  Now we head back to school making very realistic frog sounds the whole way.  We gather in our circle to read a book about what we have just seen.  And then we write and draw about it.

This is active learning at its best.  Valerie Strauss in her Washington Post article Is Technology Sapping Children’s Creativity? says: Kids need first-hand engagement — they need to manipulate objects physically, engage all their senses, and move and interact with the 3-dimensional world. This is what maximizes their learning and brain development.

Meg Taylor, Head