Jesse Pickard ’98 honored in Forbes

Parker grad, Jesse Pickard ’98 was recently honored by Forbes Magazine in its 30 under 30 Games and Apps section, and also featured in the Times Union.  Jesse’s company makes an app for learning languages through games.  Parker kids use Mindsnacks for Spanish – and I’ve talked to students who have tried the Italian version, as I have.  The games are fun and they adjust to your level of mastery.

Jesse started the company with venture capital and now has about 25 employees in San Fransisco.  The TU article said: Pickard attended Parker School in North Greenbush, which he credits with stoking his entrepreneurial spirit. (Yay!)

I am fascinated by the alumni who are doing jobs and using technical and media tools that didn’t even exist when they attended school.  I’d like their feedback about what parts of their education prepared them best for what they are doing now like stoking the entrepreneurial spirit!

~ Meg Taylor, Head