Faculty & Staff

at Parker

*As we begin a new school year, we asked our faculty and staff: What advice would you give to your younger self on your first day of school?

Head of School


“Spend time with people who make you feel good, seek out ways to pursue your interests, and don’t sweat the small stuff.”

Jennifer Gresens M.S. Education, Hunter College; B.A. Art History and Psychology, University of New Hampshire  [email protected]

Director of Academics and Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion


“Know that you have something to say and wisdom to share, no matter your age.”

Lynn Schuster M.S. Elementary Ed., College of Saint Rose; B.A. Political Science, SUNY at Albany   [email protected]

Director of Admission


“Have fun, find ways to do work that is meaningful to you, and keep a journal so you’ll remember everything later.”

Matt Thornton   M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction, Lesley University; Non-Profit Leadership Cert., Georgetown University; B.A. Biology, Hamilton College. [email protected]

Director of Communications


"You don't have to be perfect to do well in school. Try new things and discover what you love, not just what you're good at."

Andrea Hartman B.A. English, University of Iowa; BA Theater Arts, University of Iowa [email protected]



“You’ll make friends, I promise!”

Michele Ridgeway  B.S. Special Education, Certified Early Intervention Specialist SUNY Geneseo, M.F.A.Studio Art, Maine College of Art  [email protected]



“Don't let anyone tell you you're bad at math.”

Sarah Notaro BA SUNY Cobleskill, Early Childhood Education, M.Ed SUNY [email protected]

Pre-K Assistant


"You're amazing just the way you are."

Charlene Hoffay [email protected]

Pre-K Assistant & Before Care


“Be gentle with yourself, be true to yourself, and let your heart shine through all obstacles.”

Hannah Rose [email protected]



“To thine own self be true.”

Leigh Augustine M.S.Ed Early Childhood Education, Brooklyn College; B.F.A. New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University  [email protected]

Grades 1-2


“Don’t be afraid to speak up. Your words have power.”

Grades 1-2 Assistant


“It’s okay if you get a big blob of food on your shirt. That happens to everyone.”

Debbie Hoffman

[email protected]

Grades 3-4


"Just remember that in this moment, you’re exactly who you’re supposed to be."

Ashley Saupp

[email protected]

Grades 5-8 Language Arts


“Say ‘hi’ to everyone. They’re mostly nicer than you think.”

Ian Marvinney M.S. Education ELA, St John’s University; B.A. English, SUNY Binghamton  [email protected]

Grades 6-7 Language Arts


“Relax and be just who you are.”

Katie Thornton M.Ed. Harvard University; B.A. Sociology, Boston College [email protected]

Grades 5-8 Math


"Don’t let anyone ever tell you your dreams are out of reach."

Rose Nolan M.S. Education, Sage Graduate School; B.S. Business Administration, Marist College   [email protected]

Grades 5-8 Science


“Being unique is much more important than fitting in.”

John Sherry B.S.,Environmental Science and Policy, Clarkson University  [email protected]

Grades 5-8 Social Studies


“Take a breath.”

Derek Fox M.S., Secondary Education, University of New England; B.A. History Education, College of St. Rose   [email protected]

Grades K-8 Art


“Stand up tall, laugh loudly, and believe in your work”

Claire Sherwood, M.F.A. University of Maryland; B.F.A. Bowling Green State University  [email protected]

Grades K-8 Music


“Don’t ever be afraid to shine.”

Sara Feltes M.M. The Hartt School at University of Hartford; B.S. Music Education, College of St. Rose;  [email protected]

Grades K-8 Physical Education and Health, Athletic Director


"Pay attention more!"

Darcy DeMaria BS Physical Education, Sage College   [email protected]

Grades K-4 Science


“Let people see your whole, true self. It’s the only way to find the place where you genuinely belong.”

Leiana Hawkins M.Ed. in Science Education, North Carolina State University; B.S. Biology, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; [email protected]

Grades K-8 Spanish


“You are a name and not a number.”

Jennifer Baker Ph.D. Spanish, SUNY Albany; M.A. Latin American and Caribbean Studies, SUNY Albany, B.A. Spanish, Wells College  [email protected]



“It is never a mistake to be kind.”

Laura Salisbury MLS Information Science and Policy, School Media Specialist SUNY Albany; BA English Literature, SUNY Albany; AAS Livberal Arts, SUNY Cobleskill [email protected]

Special Education- APCSD Resource Room


“People are more concerned about themselves than me.”

Sharon Santacroce

Executive Assistant & Front Office Manager ([email protected])


“Live your life like a comedy, not a drama.”

Michelle Hefernan [email protected]

Kindergarten Assistant & Afternoon Front Office Manager 


“Weird is a compliment."

Renne Booke B.S. in Secondary Education and a B.A. in English/Communications from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA)  [email protected]



“Try your best to enjoy each day and what it brings. Time passes much quicker than you realize.”

Kristen Koehler [email protected]

Book Keeper


“Always believe in yourself - you can do it!”

Carol Turnbull [email protected]

Additional Staff

Wanda Budesheim -- Facilities Manager

Shari Hoffman -- Extended Day & Enrichment, [email protected]

Gabi Parker -- Aftercare Assistant

Angelina Miller -- Aftercare Assistant

Rebecca Everett -- APCSD Nurse