Culminating work

At the end of the year students show off the gains they have made.  From thesis presentations to Shows of Work, it’s all pretty impressive.

Because students are vested in their work – interested and deeply engrossed – the pride and satisfaction they feel when they receive deserved praise is so confirming.  After their immigration performance, 4-5’s spoke with wonderment, “Everyone was congratulating us!”

Here is a sample of achievements, some still to come:

The 8th grade perfected their thesis presentations and were poised and passionate onIMG_5214 Project Night.  Topics varied from The Bitcoin Economy to Dangers of Tanning and The History of Chinese Emperors.

6-7’s spent STEM Week in May assembling five hydrogen-powered fuel cells as part of a joint education venture with Plug Power, a leading manufacturer of fuel cell solutions. The cells were built from kits and specifications provided by Plug Power under the supervision of a volunteer advisor. The kids were asked to imagine a context where the cells will be used to power hospitals and schools in impoverished parts of the world. So not only is science involved, the students also are engaging humanitarian and social issues.IMG_4959

Students will see their finished fuel “stacks” in action over at Plug Power Monday, June 8, where they’ll present humanitarian proposals to company executives, tour the plant and explore STEM careers.

4-5’s had a great rip to NYC to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. They are each took on the persona of an immigrant, wrote and performed a play, and sang IMG_5245beautifully for their Show of Work.

2-3’s studied China, wrote research essays on varied topics from Chinese writing to animals, learned traditional Chinese music accompanied by Xingtao on the hulusi, and created Chinese scroll paintings and colorful dragons for their Show of Work.

K-1’s studied Africa through stories, essays about animals of the Savannah, weaving, beading, song and dance.  They IMG_5292made Massai warrior neck pieces and created a giant baobab tree to display cutouts of all the animals they learned about.

Pre K classes have taken field trips to Five Rivers and are delighting in the beautiful spring weather.  They are exploring their world through colors.  IMG_4057 (1)