COVID Vaccine Clinic- In the News!

Our children have shared so many difficult experiences these past two years in school together — from wearing masks to learning online, giving up social traditions to remembering to physically distance while playing. This past Tuesday, many of our Parker 5-11 year olds finally got to share another difficult but hopeful milestone as they were vaccinated against Covid-19. Thanks to Young’s Pharmacy, Parker responded to a majority of our parents’ wishes to have their child vaccinated by hosting a vaccine clinic for this newly eligible group. Students and their families gathered in high spirits, with many school friends choosing to hold hands and enter together to get their shots. Afterwards, the relief among many was palpable, along with hesitant optimism for what their future may now hold. We continue to be grateful for and inspired by our community’s commitment to our students’ safety and future, and we look forward with encouragement for all that is to come.

Watch ABC News 10, Spencer Tracey’s, report about this momentous occasion!