Class of 2013

Graduation and Regents

Graduation was June 5.  It was a beautiful send off to the class of 2013.  The speeches of the graduating class were heart felt and expressed appreciation for teachers, friendships, hard work and fun.  “Probably the most important thing I learned from attending this school is how to talk to others, to be able to speak and be heard.”  “I learned more than I thought possible at Parker.”  “Parker is, and always will be, my home.”

Regents exams in Earth Science, Algebra and Algebra II were the next week, with the highest scores 98 and 90 in Earth Science and 89 in Algebra.  Algebra II students scored 95 and 80.  Students are headed off to Albany High, Emma Willard, La Salle, Doane Stuart, Darrow, Guilderland, and Troy High.