Celebrating the Young Child

We are honor the magic, wonder, and spirit of young children by celebrating “The Week of the Young Child (TWOYC).” This initiative, spearheaded by NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children), brings attention and energy to early childhood education and raises awareness about the importance of teaching this age group. Here at Parker, every single day is all about children – but this week, our teachers are turning it up to eleven for our youngest students.

The Parker Pre K is where the bulk of celebration around TWOYC is happening. A very special schedule was designed for the week with a priority on fun. From the moment the classroom doors opened on Monday morning through the waning stamina of Friday afternoon, TWOYC is a roller coaster ride of activities, treats, wacky costumes, and out-of-the-ordinary experiences.

Monday was “art attack,” with projects of all kinds. Children went home with fistfuls of authentic work and big, proud smiles on their faces. Tuesday was the ever-beloved pajama day which included a pancake party and special lights-out storytime. Wednesday was wacky hair day with face-painting and special snacks. Thursday was dress-up disco dance party and parade, of course, and Friday Pre K and K-1 staged an assembly takeover and rounded out the week with a pizza party!

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Pre K 3 with Leigh and Sarah
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