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Honoring Black History Month

Join Our Email List As a school, Parker is deeply committed to fostering an educational environment that celebrates diversity, honors differences, and works tirelessly to ensure that minority voices are heard, represented, and included in our classrooms. This work is ongoing and ever-growing as we continuously learn more and hone our practices with our students. Our …

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Scenes from an Inauguration

“A peaceful transfer of power,” is a phrase repeated by newscasters at every inauguration. This week’s ceremony continued democracy’s great achievement, leaving unbroken the precedent set by John Adams after he lost the presidency to Thomas Jefferson in the bitterly contested election of 1800. Watching the inauguration with students this week was moving. Our littlest …

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Honoring Peace

This past week, Parker teachers and students spent time celebrating the immense accomplishments of the past few months of in-person schooling by reflecting on PEACE and what it means to our community. In true Parker fashion, these festivities were unique for each classroom, serving the individual and age-appropriate needs of each group. Nonetheless, some powerful …

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An Interview with Nellie

2020 was a big year to try new things here at Parker. In the lower school, we created a stand alone Kindergarten, and we welcomed 5th grade into our middle school. This year also saw the creation of a new 3rd and 4th grade combined class here at Parker, led by Nellie Barker. Nellie lives …

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Kindergarten Open House

Tuesday, December 15, 11:30am Progressive education begins with student experience and interests in mind, rather than a fixed set of knowledge to be memorized. Join our Kindergarten teacher Leigh Augustine, to learn more about the impact this philosophy has on our young learners in Kindergarten! Learn more & register for meeting details at