Parker Update

Dear Parker Community, Parker has filed its plans for reopening school with the NYS Department of Health. As I wrote earlier in the month, our plan is for in person instruction if the governor permits schools to open in our area. We have been told that his decision will be announced next week. Many people …

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Rays Of Hope

If there is one thing we are certain of here at Parker, it’s that we grow great kids. Character education has always shared the stage with challenging academic work at Parker for one simple reason — it produces intellectually vibrant students. Here at Parker, we are not only focused on WHAT kids will be when …

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The Show Must Go On!

One of the most difficult things about our sudden school closure has been the loss of community traditions that we have come to treasure as milestones. This past Friday, April 3rd, would have marked our annual Shakespeare Night — a marvel of endearing and side-splitting performances by every grade in the school. However, the spirit …

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Our Amazing Teachers!

Student-centered learning is at the heart of Parker’s progressive model of education. Earlier in the year, we unpacked what a student-centered education looks like here at Parker, and why it is integral to fostering a love of learning in our children. Today, we will examine the heart of what makes student-led learning so successful here …

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