Matt Thornton

All the World’s a Stage

Truly progressive education recognizes the value in allowing students the time and resources to pursue their passions. Meaningful learning happens when children are given the opportunity to self-select their own pursuits. This is the learning that children remember. They are invested in the outcome because they care about the premise. Today, we saw a beautiful example …

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An Interview with Lynn

Lynn Schuster, or “Lynnie-Lynnie” as her students have affectionately coined her, is Parker School’s most veteran faculty member, having served as a teacher here for sixteen years. Lynn is a New York native and committed city dweller who appreciates the balance that her 77-acres of Parker life provides. In her spare time, Lynn is an …

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An Interview with Nellie

The second new face that Parker welcomed to our faculty this year is our 4-5 teacher, Nellie Barker. Nellie lives in Averill Park with her husband, John, and her 9-year-old son, Will. Prior to teaching at Parker, Nellie taught students ranging from 4th – 8th grades in both public and private schools in New York and Vermont. In her spare time, …

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Buddies Begins!

A beloved Parker tradition, Buddies kicked off today with a PreK & 4-5 class hike in the woods. Older students and younger students had the opportunity to play and bond in nature while their teachers carefully observed the relationships being forged. Next week, teachers will pair buddies with thoughtfulness and intention so that both older …

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Creativity in Curriculum

Teaching at Parker is rewarding for many reasons: Small class sizes mean relationships between students and teachers are strong. Teachers have the freedom to delve deeply into topics of high interest and respond to each class, each year. The ability to exercise creativity and to be in control of their curriculum is very appealing. We …

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Student-Centered Learning

What do we mean when we say student-centered learning is at the heart of a Parker education? Aren’t all schools “student-centered”? It’s a question we get often, and one that deserves some unpacking. While it is true that all schools teach students, it is rare to find a school that actually puts students’ needs at …

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Peace Assembly Slide Show

Dear Parker Community, We hope you are enjoying a wonderful start to break. Wishing you cosy moments, just the right amount of excitement, and loads of happy memories.

Our Amazing Teachers!

Student-centered learning is at the heart of Parker’s progressive model of education. Earlier in the year, we unpacked what a student-centered education looks like here at Parker, and why it is integral to fostering a love of learning in our children. Today, we will examine the heart of what makes student-led learning so successful here …

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