A Published Author

One hallmark of a Parker education is that we encourage our students to share their time, talents, and energy with others. Our students know that the work they do in the classroom has implications that reach beyond the halls of their school. This sense of creating for an authentic audience inspires students to produce work that is meaningful not only to themselves, but also to others. One wonderful example of this is a newly published article by Parker 5th grader Francesca Thornton in the Resilience Issue of The Honest Weight Food Co-op’s quarterly magazine. Francesca’s writing was inspired by a project assigned last year by her 4th grade teacher, Nellie Barker, during quarantine. Nellie took a traditional autobiography project and turned it on its head, challenging her students to examine not only who they are, but also what their vision is for the future. Please click on the link below to read Francesca’s article,Quarantine Life from a Nine-Year-Old’s Perspective.” Students like Francesca give us great reason to be hopeful that the future is in good hands.