A Discovery Center at Parker: Coming in June, 2017!

We are thrilled to announce, along with the Parker Board of Trustees, a bold new project for Parker – a Discovery Center.  This proposed addition to the school will hold an expanded science space, a room for music and performing practice, and a display hallway that looks out over the pond.

Since our light-filled building was constructed in 1998, we have not raised funds for a capital project.  With the needs of our expanding program and enrollment, now is the time. The Discovery Center will be completed during the school’s 25th anniversary year, scheduled for opening by June 2017.

The Discovery Center will be a catalyst for integrating science, the arts and communication. The expansion is needed to:

  • Alleviate the space crunch in the science room and the competition for practice areas between sports and drama 
  • Expand space for hands-on science projects
  • Add a practice place for band, choruses, and performance
  • Improve the sound and acoustics in the gym

As an added benefit, this project will give the school breathing room to incrementally expand enrollment to meet the increasing demand for a Parker education.

The new spaces will overlook the pond and because plans include a mudroom, big windows, an entrance vestibule, and covered porch area, we will feel closer to nature than ever.  The connecting hallway will hold a gym office and a bathroom, and plenty of space to gather before performances or to display sculpture and science projects.  Finishing touches are still under discussion, and we will hold idea sessions with both students and parents to get everyone’s creative juices flowing.

Already we have raised over $685,000 towards our $700,000 goal.  Generous friends, past and current families and trustees have kicked off this exciting venture.  Now we can sing out about the project and will be having conversations and mailings to wrap up the campaign.  A banner has been hung in the front entry, tracking our progress and to invite everyone to join in.  This project has been an inspiration for the extended Parker family!

Meg Taylor, Head                      Kristin Koehler, President, Board of Trustees

[email protected]     [email protected]

Construction is underway! Progress as of February 2017